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Ahh.. dinner

After a fairly crazy week of shooting, my wife and I got a chance to have a nice relaxing dinner at the Red Bowl in Cary (previous clients of mine). If you are in the area and appreciate good sushi, I would highly recommend this place. Simon & Tim (owners) really run a nice restaurant and the quality of food is top notch. Whether you are into the rolls or more extreme cuisine such as Sashimi (raw fish, no rice), the Red Bowl has it all. I highly recommend the Yellowtail Sashimi (Hamachi) if you’re into this type of thing. An added bonus is the Kilwin’s Ice Cream store being right beside the Red Bowl. I think they have a fan venting the sweet smell of ice cream and waffle cones onto the sidewalk. The shopping center itself is beautiful (at the corner of Davis and High House) and should continue to attract high-end stores and boutiques.

Here’s a shot I happened to grab after dinner.. check out that sky!


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