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New alien skin guest blogger – me!

In the past I’ve always laid out business goals – how many weddings I wanted to book, portrait sessions, commercial work, etc.  Pretty boring stuff honestly, but one think I never really put a goal on was “community”.  I do quite a bit of work with the Wedding Photographic Society ( and that keeps me pretty busy, but at the beginning of this year I made the decision go with a little more self promotion in different areas.  One of those avenues is networking with vendors in my field.  As part of that, I’ve been to trade shows, talked with manufacturers and started both teaching and consulting.  This lead me to an amazing opportunity that, quite honestly, I am still as thrilled about now as I was when I first got the email from the CEO of Alien Skin Software.

Thru my work with the WPS, I got to know the guys over at Alien Skin.  They have been one of the founding companies that has always stood behind the idea of helping other photographers and never failed to absolutely amaze us with their support.  They contacted me and request I consult with them regarding new product development & refinement – ya, I thought that was pretty cool as well.  I started with consulting about the UI for an upcoming version of one of their products, specifically for the user interface, the workflow process and how I would change things to make it faster, more intuitive and, well, just a better experience.  From that meeting with the programmers,  I received an email from the CEO asking me if I would be interested in writing articles for their blog.

Uh, ya!

So, make sure to look for my articles on their blog.  You should be checking it out anyway because they really do have some fabulous stuff on there.  All kinds of helpful tricks and tips for photography, software and lots of other goodies, all without talking you into buying their products.  If you haven’t checked them out before, I’ll happily recommend you look at “Blow-Up“, “Bokeh” and “Exposure 4” – 3 great products that are really fantastic to work with and, personally, saved me LOADS of time in post processing.

After you do that, make sure you take a look at my first post introducing, well, me, to their readers!

Brian Mullins – Alien Skin Guest Blogger

Since this post was about me, I’m throwing in a few random shots that I’ve taken recently!  Enjoy!  All of the shots with my banner were taken by me.  The ones of me (and the one of me and Cristobal Perez) were taken by Stacy Borelli.


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