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Brian & Michelle | Angus Barn Pavilion Wedding

Brian & Michelle chose a beautiful location for their late summer outdoor wedding.  As this was my first Angus Barn Pavilion Wedding, I was really excited to capture their wedding photography in such a gorgeous location.  The Angus Barn Pavilion is “below” the Angus Barn restaurant and is a beautiful barn situated on a beautiful lake.  The wedding ceremony site at the Pavilion is situated on the water and positioned so the sun sets behind the couple in the evening. So, needless to say, the location is beautiful, rustic, elegant and warming, all at the same time.

Michelle got ready at the Umstead Hotel in Cary so I met up with her and her family while she was getting ready in one of the gorgeous Umstead suites.  This is, actually, one of my favorite times of the day as it’s generally very relaxed and I get to meet the families and close friends who are in the room with the bride.  Michelle, her parents, grandmother, sister in law and nieces were all in the room with her so it made for a great “feeling” in all the photos – being surrounded by family on your wedding day.  We left the Umstead for her Angus Barn Pavilion Wedding where she was getting dressed.

Having never photographed a wedding at that location (been their several times, just not shot a wedding), I really got a great laugh when I popped my head in on the guys room.  Brian, the groom, had closed the “door” which looked very much like a Western Style jail door, complete with iron bars, and was screaming to get out.  LOL..  still chuckling at that one.  I ran out with Brian and his best man to do some quick portraits on the grounds before the ceremony.  Did the same with Michelle as well..  the grounds around the Angus Barn Pavilion are beautiful so we had no shortage of opportunities.

The wedding ceremony on the water was gorgeous!  The sun was getting close to setting and can, when you let it, cause a wonderful flare through the camera lens.  After the ceremony, and getting Michelle’s dress to let go of the kung fu grip her shoes had on it (She got stuck on the stairs), we shot awesome family formals with the sun setting behind them. Back into the Angus Barn Pavilion for the first dances and the wedding reception.  The interior of the Angus barn gives off BEAUTIFUL colors at night.  Decorated with Christmas lights, candles, a see thru fireplace and the “big ass fan”, the photos came out wonderful!  After the festivities, Michelle & Brian had a wedding sparkler exit and left in a ” Essex Super six”.

Michelle & Brian – Thank you so much for having me there to capture your wedding!  It was a real pleasure to work with you both and your families.  By the way – the syrup you provided is, hands down, the best I have ever had (I actually made pancakes Sunday morning just so I could try it).  Hope you guys have mail order!

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  • Alice - NYC wedding photographers - Lovely images and I’m loving the last picture of the newlyweds walking between the sparklers.ReplyCancel

  • Laura Stone - What wonderful pictures to capture a wonderful day!! I am so happy for you both!!ReplyCancel

  • Matt Stone - Great pics from a fun night! Congrats!ReplyCancel

  • ginny patterson - Dear Brian,

    As the mother of the bride, I have to tell you that the photos that you took of Michelle and Brian’s wedding are awesome. You captured the whole essence and vibe of the wedding. It was a real pleasure having you as our photographer–professional, funny, attentive to everyone’s needs (I especially appreciate how sensitive you were to Michelle’s grandmother). Your work is exquisite….a real artistic eye. We are all so excited with the fabulous job you did. Thanks so much!!!!

    Ginny PattersonReplyCancel

    • Brian Mullins - Thank you so much Ginny! It really was an honor to meet everyone and be there to capture Michelle & Brian’s wedding! I am so glad you love the photos. It is such a beautiful location for a wedding!ReplyCancel

  • Eric Patterson - Awesome photos, Brian. I wish I could dance as well as you can photograph, but I guess wedding pictures wouldn’t be complete without the pictures of that guy who can’t dance 😉ReplyCancel

  • Magda - Michelle and Brian. The pictures are just amazying. You both look so beautiful and happy. I love, LOVE pink shoes and boys’ bowties. So FUN!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - You did an excellent job with the photography Brian! Thank you for capturing all these moments from our big day. It feels like you are right there in the moment with the colors and lighting.ReplyCancel

  • Caitlin - The photos are beautiful! Brings me back to a magical evening and a wonderful celebration of Michelle & Brian.ReplyCancel

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