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Barclay Villa Wedding | Jenna & Jason

Every year, I get an opportunity to shoot a wedding at a new location that, honestly, I have been salivating to photograph.  This year, I actually have a couple of those locations and this was my first.  The Barclay Villa, located in Angier, NC (A short drive from Raleigh) is an absolutely GORGEOUS venue whose architecture resembles a Medieval English castle and breathtaking grounds.  In other words, a wonderful and beautiful place to have your wedding.  Jenna & Jason had already decided on their location when we met and to say I was excited would be an understatement.  So, anyway, I was thrilled to have the honor to photograph a gorgeous couple at such a gorgeous facility.

I could go on and on about the interior of the Barclay Villa, but I’ll let you see the photos to judge for yourself.  You may recognize their faces from their vineyard engagement photos we took last year.  I felt I set the bar pretty darn high at their engagement session so, honestly, I felt a little pressure coming into a new location and getting the unique, timeless and dramatic photos I know they love.

When I arrived I was immediately taken back by how large the dining hall was.  This is a two story room with the 2nd floor being a wrap around balcony with seating on all 3 sides.  The distinct feeling I got was the room was really designed to house kings & queens and their families.  Of course, this is a newer re-design but I was immediately inspired to somehow throw a more modern twist into this very stately room.  I went upstairs to see Jenna and meet her bridesmaid and family.  The room she was getting ready in, really, resembled a room you would NOT expect to see for  “rent”, but someone’s actual bedroom.  In other words, just stunning.  As with many rooms like this, however, photography can be a challenge with dark room, very contrasty direct sunlight coming thru the windows and having numerous people present.

As Jenna was getting ready, I headed over to meet the guys and got, what I think, is one of the best groom and groomsmen portraits to date using their pool table.  I really felt an almost “mafia” vibe and I think it really shows in their photo.  Back with Jenna, she was finished with hair & makeup (and was wearing a really cute white silk robe with “Bride” sewed with rhinestones on the back), was getting ready to get dressed.  I think there were 4-5 people helping her into the dress which makes me always want to capture both the intricacy and amount of hands helping get the dress on.  The bride, the dress, hair & makeup ALL came together into what was I can only describe as a magazine cover opportunity.  You’ll see the one I am talking about below.  😉  (p.s. Jenna – I’m so submitting that photo for, yes, a cover).

As we headed into the courtyard for their outdoor wedding ceremony, the sun was setting behind there Barclay Villa house but highlighted my gorgeous clients perfectly.  The ceremony was beautiful and a little amusing with the lighter for the remembrance candles not working.  A tiki torch saved the day though and, as we say, the show went on.  After the ceremony we headed around the house, both inside and out, and got some  really fun & pretty sexy wedding portraits.  We headed into the reception where, seriously, Frank from the Bunn DJ Company melted the dance floor and swept the ashes outside.  Seriously..  I don’t think Barclay Villa will be the same after that reception – it was pretty incredible!

The couple exited the front doors of Barclay Villa with a sparkler exit showering them (well, hopefully not really showering) as they exited.  They actually ran back and forth a few times LOL.  I want to thank both Jenna and Jason for the honor of capturing their wedding day and being so open to having us document on of the most intimate affairs in their lives.  As always, here are a few photos from their Barclay Villa Wedding!

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  • JL - Very nice shots. Did you use anything other than hot shoe flash for the indoor shots? Thanks.ReplyCancel

    • Brian Mullins - Hey Jim, thank you! Yes I did. Barclay Villa is a very dark location – dark wood, tungsten lighting and high ceilings. I had 3 lights positioned around the hall doing various things.ReplyCancel

  • Kate Monroe - Wow! Every single photo is stunning! Amazing job, Brian! And what a gorgeous couple, great color palette and I’m absolutely jealous of her shoes! I’ve been pining for those Kate Spade heels for a while, but don’t have anywhere to wear them!ReplyCancel

  • Michael - Fabulous location! Your shots are awesome and love the black and white.ReplyCancel

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