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I’ve been consumed with catching up on my blogging and not been posting my latest stuff, so i’m trying to rectify that by putting in both newer and older weddings.  This was a recent engagement session I shot for Chad & Sarah in Washington, D.C. at the beautiful Meridian Hill Park.  Both Chad & Sarah went to Duke but elected to have their engagement session shot near their home.

Meridian Hill Park has a storied history going back hundreds of years but, more importantly, this is a place close to my clients and they felt totally comfortable there.  Having never been here before, I took it as a great creative opportunity to not only capture some great photos with my clients, but use the beautiful architecture in my work.  Sarah & Chad and I had only talked on the phone & Skype up to this point so their Washington D.C. Engagement Session was a great opportunity to get to know them better.  We really had a great time throughout the day and even had a coffee after (cause, if you know me at all, you know everything is better with coffee).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy a few photos from Sarah & Chad’s Washington D.C. Engagement Session!

There are so many demands on a wedding photographers time; running their business, working with clients, editing photos, taking photos, blogging, etc. that, many times, submitting our work to be “judged’ often falls by the wayside.  I’ve made a concerted effort to start entering more photos into competition so I can get truly critical feedback fro may peers as well as see how my work stacks up against the larger photography community.  A recent photo I entered was a definite departure from my normal work and something I shot truly for “me” on the wedding day.  My clients wishes, of course, always come first but I also make sure and take the time to shoot “artistically” which may result in an amazing photo, or something that ends up on the cutting room floor.  Doing anything else legitimately means you’re not giving your client everything you are capable of.

One of these types of photos I took this summer while I was working with my bride & groom in more traditional, shaded areas.  The below photo was shot in direct sunlight, which is always tough, but I loved the lines and angles of the stairways and shadows so I went for it.  I loved the resulting image so much that I submitted it to the World Elite Photographers competition and am thrilled to announce it won!  What makes it all then sweeter is WEP group is truly world wide with photographers on all 7 continents and just merely belonging to this group is a huge honor for me.  So actually winning an award really made me both proud and humble to belong and be recognized by such an amazing assortment of photographers and artists.

While awards are always wonderful to get, producing stellar work for my clients really is whats important so when you can do both at the same time, its truly a dream come true!  I see quite a few Award Winning Raleigh Wedding Photographer posts and I’d like to take a moment to congratulate ALL of the amazingly talented photographers in this area.  I believe producing amazing work, like so many of you do, really makes everyone else push themselves harder. So many of you have inspired me that I truly hope my work, someday, will inspire someone else.

Technical Details:

Camera: Nikon D4S
Lens: Sigma 24 1.4
Shutter: 1/2000
Aperture: 1.4
ISO: 50

award winning raleigh wedding photographer award winning raleigh wedding photography

Laura & Keary’s wedding was my 2nd wedding for their family.  I had shot her sisters wedding a few years back so it was great to see their family and my former clients again.  The wedding took place at Edenton Street Methodist church which is a beautiful facility located in downtown Raleigh.  Even though we shoot from the balcony only, the church is gorgeous and we have an amazing view of the entire ceremony.

The wedding reception took place at Marbles Museum which is also located in downtown Raleigh.  This was my first ever Marbles Museum Wedding reception so I was super excited to do some cool stuff for my clients.  Marbles is a kids museum but since Keary is an engineer and Laura is a doctor, there were lots of photographic opportunities to get some truly amazing wedding photographs with the unique nature of the venue.

I hope you enjoy a few select photos from Laura & Keary’s Marbles Museum Wedding!

I’m happy to announce i’ve added another Photography Bootcamp class for October 11th.  I’ve had a few people request this date so if you are interested in signing up, I recommend you do so early as I do limit the amount of seats.

The photography bootcamp is designed for the beginner photographer with a dSLR or mirrorless camera who wants to learn how to take better photos.  The class lasts for 5 hours and will take a “Program” mode photographer (who lets the camera do all the work) and transforms you into shooting completely manual.  this not only gives you better photos straight out of your camera but opens up the artistic side as you will understand what & why your camera is telling you certain things.  The best way to explain this is we teach you how to talk with your camera.

Not only does every student gets lots of one-on-one instruction on class day, I have a Facebook group where we all can talk, share images, ask questions and just have a community where we can enjoy all things photography. Every student who takes one of my classes is joined to the group.

Click here to register for my photography bootcamp class on October 11th, 2015.

But wait, there’s more… (sorry, couldn’t resist.)

On November 21st I am holding my 3rd ever “Shooting Bootcamp” class. This class is for anyone who has already been thru the Photography Bootcamp and is comfortable shooting in full manual.  This class is held in the field (typically downtown Raleigh) and we work with what we are given.  Direct sun, overcast skies and even darkness.  This is a pivotal class where we learn to use light – all kinds of light.  How to blend flash invisibly with available light, overpower available light, use unconventional light sources and even shoot at night.  In addition we’ll be dealing with obstacles that are beyond our control and talk about how to use composition, aperture and even shutter to turn everyday nuisances into art.

Click here to register for my shooting bootcamp class on November 21st, 2015.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions and I look forward to hopefully seeing you there!


Over the years i’ve had lots of people ask about classes to both learn how to use their camera as well as lighting, shooting, etc.  About 4 years ago I started teaching basic photography classes and, during that time, I found there was a huge need for an actual “shooting” class where we can be in the field.  As such, I started a “Shooting bootcamp” class that’s held entirely on location (downtown Raleigh) and focuses on finding & using natural light, off camera flash, composition and even when & how to use “direct flash” (I know, the horror).

I’ve just announced a date for another shooting bootcamp in Raleigh on November 21st.  Visit my photography classes website for more information and instructions on how to register.  Please note, the class size is limited so we can focus on lots of one-on-one attention with everyone.

I look forward to seeing you there!!