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Can I curry a f(l)avor?

I actually googled “famous sayings for curry” and came up with nothing, so i’m sticking with this title. I worked with the Suschi Indian restaurant today for a profile on their establishment and food. Let me say this, be prepared to get very, very hungry as soon as you walk in their door.  The aroma of garlic, onions and my personal favorite, curry, will make you close you consciously wipe the corner of your mouth as the saliva glands wake up!  We met with the chef who prepared numerous dishes for both the photography and consumption (my favorite part).  Here’s a few shots from the day:

People have asked but I won’t tell how I can shoot into glass and mirrors without you ever seeing me…  Copperfield has his secrets, I have mine.


All of the main dishes arrived in metal bowls, which really adds to the ambiance of the food. The white dish on the right contain rice pudding, which didn’t stand a chance between David McCreary and myself.


And finally, a shot of the chef…

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