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Cary, NC C.E.R.T. training

I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph a local CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training session this weekend. The team stages an emergency situation in an abandoned house and the CERT team members go in to action as first responders. The first part of the training was using dry fire extinguishers to suppress a fire on the deck of the house. Working with a buddy, they team up to approach the fire and extinguish it using Chem-Dry. The only reason I mention chem-dry is that fact I got doused with a cloud of it shortly after taking the below shot. It tastes awful and is pretty hard to breathe in… the fireman who was with me got a chuckle out of me hacking and sputtering while in the “cloud” of dust.

Next stage was searching for and rescuing injured people inside the house. It involved carrying both 200 pound dummies & live people playing injured. It’s a great program and there was only one casualty from the training – the live fireman playing a part as an injured person lost part of his right eyebrow in a bizarre duck tape head immobilization technique. Don’t worry, it’ll grow back. 🙂





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