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Personal projects

Duke Chapel Pictures – All Access

One of my all time favorite locations to photograph is the gorgeous Duke Chapel on the Duke University campus.  I shoot a few weddings there each year and I never, ever get tired of visiting here

Personal Project | Glam & models

If you haven’t been following my adventures, well why not? 🙂 LOL, seriously though, if you wanted to, the best way to follow me is either on facebook or via my networked blogs link.  Anyway,

When photographers get together…

After a shoot this past week, another photographer and I were talking about different techniques for shooting and lighting.  I decided to try something I had seen but never had the time to actually

IR is here…

As some of you know, I have a fully converted digital IR camera that I have been itching to try out.  The issue has been, nothings been green!  I finally got a chance yesterday to take it for a spin

Christmas Party with a D300…

First, let me apologize to the non-photographers reading this entry.  This story, while written with my usual charming style, will contain a little more detail on the camera used then normal. Pam

Merry Christmas!

After my Thanksgiving feast but before the Thanksgiving nap, I had an opportunity to take a few photographs for my families Christmas cards. Since it’s Black Friday and everyone is in the

Ahh.. dinner

After a fairly crazy week of shooting, my wife and I got a chance to have a nice relaxing dinner at the Red Bowl in Cary (previous clients of mine). If you are in the area and appreciate good sushi,