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Christmas Party with a D300…

First, let me apologize to the non-photographers reading this entry.  This story, while written with my usual charming style, will contain a little more detail on the camera used then normal.

Pam Schmid, who I have photographed on a couple of different occasions, invited my wife and I to her house for a Christmas party.  This happened to coincide with the delivery of my Nikon D300 body so, like any good photographer, I decided to take it for a test drive in a non-paid capacity.  As expected, the atmosphere was fairly dark with hotspots like candles and xmas lights string around the house.  I also expected a good bit of dancing and action so it was an excellent opportunity to try it out in a scenario not unlike a wedding reception.

All I can say is, WOW!  This camera will actually change the way I shoot and takes a huge leap past the leading low light/high-ISO performer and is now the leading pro camera in the industry.  The photos below were only color corrected and sharpened, no other filtering was done.  Anyway, back to the actual story.

So Pam’s Christmas party also happens to coincide with her birthday (Happy B-DAY Pam! – Here’s to you!) and her husband surprised her with  a cake and Celine Dion tickets, for 2009!  Everyone at the party had a wonderful time largely due to Jerry’s & Pam’s gracious hospitality and warmth!  Here’s a couple from the party (I left the EXIF data on the photos for my fellow photographers who wanted to read it):

Here’s Pam getting pushed into the middle of the floor where she finally got eyes on her birthday cake (iso 1600).


And sometimes, you just get lucky with the timing of a shot.  I don’t think I’ve ever caught this few candles in various stages of being blown out (iso 1000):


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