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{Associate Photographer}

Before I get to the part where I’ve been fortunate enough to be the photographer that has won awards, documented the president, and been present at over one hundred ‘I-Do’s’, there’s a backstory that needs to be told, and I’m gonna be a little honest here, so bear with me until the end.

When I got married, I hired a friend of mine that had a camera to take some pictures on my wedding day. After all, every photographer I reached out to was ‘outrageously expensive for just one day’. When the wedding was over a few months later I received a mix tape looking CD with a couple hundred images, most of them blurry, discolored, or overly processed.

I was a little defeated at the time, but I’m a roll with the punches kind of guy, so I did my best to just let it slide. It was when I started seeing all of my friends’ wedding pictures start popping up I began to realize I had lost something. Something that I wouldn’t get back. My wedding day was probably the most defining moment in my life. For me as a man, it was the first time that I finally put someone else before me, and decided that I was ready to start a whole new kind of adventure, and to be honest it pains me more than I can express that I don’t have those memories preserved in anything other than my mind.

So that said, when I decided to pursue a career in Raleigh wedding photography, it isn’t something I entered into lightly. I started assisting for free whenever I could for the most talented photographers that I could find. After I became accustomed to a wedding day, I started to second shoot and from there took on small wedding assignments until I felt that I could capture someone’s wedding the way it deserved to be captured.

Now with every wedding I show up to, I know that it isn’t going to matter if makeup is delayed, if the weather isn’t nice, or the only spot to take pictures has two dumpsters and a frat house.

We’re going to make it happen.