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Duke Chapel Wedding Pictures

One of my absolute favorite places to photograph weddings are at the incredibly beautiful Duke Chapel – located on the Duke University Campus in Durham, NC.  I’ve been there numerous times and, each time, I find gorgeous new features I’ve never noticed before and locations to photograph my clients.  The entire campus is stunning with stone masonry, green grass and beautiful architecture in every direction.  Having photographed weddings there both during the day & evenings, I cannot really say which time of day is my favorite.  Each time has its own personality and that show in each of my wedding clients photos. I can say, I’ve been there at night, in December when it began to snow.  Being there during a snowfall is a visual I will never forget.

Having photographed so many Duke Chapel weddings, I’ve compiled a gallery of photos from just a few of my clients weddings. I hope you enjoy the photos and, if you are considering having your wedding at the chapel, I would love to talk with you regarding your photography needs!

If you really enjoy these photos and/or are getting married at Duke Chapel.  I’d love for you to load a special mobile application with all of these photos onto your smartphone (iPhone or Android) or iPad.  To do that, simply visit my Duke Chapel Photos link on your phone or iPad and follow the directions:


  • December 30, 2012 - 12:53 am

    Martin J Galloway - Hi Brian,

    I actually found your site while looking for wedding show booth ideas. Just wanted to drop a line to say that this set of shots from Duke Chapel made me say WOW. After 40 years of being a photographer there are very few that can make me say that.

    Excellent illumination and colour balance considering all that tungsten in there. Nice soft lighting under the arches.

    It was my pleasure perusing some of your work, all be it arriving here through a different search criteria. You are a great credit to the industry and the Brides-to-be in your working area are certainly very fortunate.

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