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Turkish Wedding | Nazli & Guner

I’d say once a year I get a really cool wedding on a relatively short time frame. In wedding terms, that’s 3-4 months. This year however, I was forced to redefine “short time frame” as my clients, Nazli & Gunar, were planning their Turkish wedding in a grand total of 17 days. Yes, 17 days. In addition to a very short time frame, this is my first Turkish Wedding so we spent a lot of time discussing cultural differences which, surprisingly, there were not many at all. For this wedding, there was actually no ceremony (it had taken place earlier in the week) so I was there to capture portraits & the wedding reception.

For their wedding, we did things a little different. I met Gunar at the Washington Duke Inn where his bride would arrive to meet him in a limousine. I realized at the time, as many times as I had seen the groom waiting for the bride to arrive in a limo on TV, I had never actually seen one in person – so this was a pretty cool moment for me personally and, obviously, for Gunar as well. As the Limo pulled up, the ideas starting flowing for framing the shots and having some GORGEOUS light to work with, I was thrilled with the end result. After Nazli emerged from the Limo and greeted the families, we all headed over to the Duke Gardens for some wedding day portraits with Nazli, Gunar and their families. We moved around the park quite a bit and hit some of my favorite spots. We really had gorgeous light to work with so no matter where we went, the photos, in my opinion, were gorgeous!

We came back to the Washington Duke Inn where, in a pretty cool custom, all of the guests greeted Nazli & Gunar in the lobby of the hotel. Everyone then walked, together, to the reception tent where cocktails, snacks and champagne were being served. Everyone wanted photos with the bride & groom and it was pretty cool that everyone hung around and waited for the opportunity to get a couple of shots with them. After the cocktail hour, we headed inside to the reception room and got ready to party down. Having photographed wedding receptions for couples of Indian, Jewish, Pakistani and quite a few other nationalities before, I know one thing, when the music comes one, EVERYONE gets on the floor. Ryan from Spin did a great job with music that I’m sure he was not overly familiar with and everyone danced the night away! The evening ended with another very cool tradition – the entire wedding, guests included, danced to the head of the table to thank the parents. Really made for a cool photo that transcended the words spoken in Turkish. As always, here are a few of my favorite shots from the day!

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