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Get ’em while they’re young!

I received a call from a local middle school asking me to be a presenter for their career day a few months back. Having never presented at one, I cautiously accepted and started to think about how I could put photography into a canned, 2 minute speech. The format for the day was the students would just stop by your table and ask either the “standard” questions or come up with their own, so any presentation needed to be fluid and repeatable.

It was actually fairly difficult, for me anyway, to really sum up photography in a few words. Questions like, “What are your responsibilities” have such wide-ranging answers that you tend to ramble a bit with the answer. I settled on,”anything in front of my lens” as the answer.. a bit vague and mysterious, but all the better to capture their attention, right? I did go on to explain that, depending on what the photographer was trying to actually capture, he/she could be a makeup artist, hair stylist, welder, set maker, body painter, wardrobe specialist, posing expert, lighting expert, etc… “the photographer can always hire these people but, in the end, it’s the photographer who is held ultimately responsible for the final product”. I really enjoyed my time there today and as part of my booth, I setup a simple strobe on a pocket wizard (remote trigger) and took some quick, dramatic shots of random people to show that the final product is really in the imagination of the photographer, and often not what you see in real life… example A below:


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