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Lucky 32 | Food Photographer | Cary, NC

I wear many hats throughout the week and this week is not different.  I visited the fine folks at Lucky 32 in Cary, NC today for to be their food photographer for the latest restaurant spotlight for Cary Magazine. Andy (General Manager), Mark (Marketing Director) and Jay (Executive Chef) were all on hand to answer our questions, provide some gorgeous meals to photograph and give us more knowledge of their operation. One thing I was not aware of, Lucky 32 really prides itself on working with local farmers to get all of their produce. It never really occurred to me, before this, of where other restaurants actually get their fresh produce from. I always assumed it was shipped in from some other place. Anyway, their chicken dishes also use completely organic chicken (Sorry Jay, you explained it much more eloquently then I can hope to here) that are, essentially, immunization free which means for a healthier meal for you and I.

Being involved in magazine photography really pushes my artistic sensibilities with all of the photography disciplines you must learn.  Being a food photographer is really a very technically demanding discipline but when you get it right, the results are outstanding.  The food, obviously, looks wonderful but being able to translate that to a photograph is something altogether different.  The below photograph was my favorite from the session and I think Lucky 32 enjoyed it as well as they ended up using many of these on their website.


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