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Great eats!

Late last week I visited a few fine eateries in the Cary area to photography some of their finer offerings.  You’d think I would learn one of these days NOT to eat lunch before photographing food.  I was so stuffed by the time I left Skippers that I couldn’t even think about eating another thing, much less two other things as I had two places left to photograph on my itinerary.  I, like many others, tend to get absorbed into the fast food convenience diet but after visiting the below restaurants, I certainly am have other things on my mind then McBurgers!  Here’s a shot from each place:


Skippers is, in my opinion, a well kept secret.  I had driven by the restaurant many times and never stopped to check it out.  Upon seeing the above “fish sandwich” and actually taking a few bites, I certainly will make time in the future to swing by.  All food is prepared after you order, so it comes out piping hot and cooked as you like it.  For a different dish (that’s excellent), try the fish taco.


The Blue Rain Cafe, located on ten-ten road, is a coffee/cafe establishment offering the finest of coffee’s (Larry’s Beans) and fresh salads and sandwiches.  The above dish, the asian chicken salad, was all prepped and ready to go when I got there.  Bill (owner) is also a  photo enthusiast so we had lots to talk about during the session.  The wontons are made exclusively by Blue Rain and while I couldn’t bring myself to try the salad, I can tell you it certainly has to be as good as it looks!


My last stop was at Coffee & Crepes in Crossroads Plaza.  They specialize in coffee and, you guessed it, crepes!  The above photo is of one of their best sellers, the cranberry crepe.  While I cannot attest to the deliciousness of it, my wife claims it was “great!” and she wants to go back to see what else they have.

A big thanks to all the restaurants who were so gracious in letting me re-arrange their furniture, turning off lights and making odd requests!

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