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Lazy Daze | Cary, NC Festival

In case you don’t know, Lazy Daze is an annual Cary, NC festival that took place this weekend.  I guess we should be thankful it was only 100 degrees outside (With a really nice wind blowing, so it actually was quite a nice day).  If you’ve never been it is quite a fun event.  Local and not so local vendors pitch tents on Academy & Chatham St in Cary NC and sell everything from food to fine art photography to pottery to chairs fashioned from branches.  In addition to the various vendors, there was also 3 stages with live music, a rock climbing wall and my personal favorite, Pirates!

The pirates performed live sword fighting and also had a women whipping spaghetti noodles out of a blind-folded pirates mouth.  Yes, the swords and the whip were real and the sounds were something I just can’t describe accurately in this blog entry.  My hats off to the performers who smiled and enjoyed themselves despite being dressed in pirate clothes in the heat.  Overall, Lazy Daze is a really great family outing for those in or around the area and I highly recommend going if at all possible.  The Cary, NC Festival takes place in August and you can visit the Lazy Daze website for more information.  Here’s one of the action sequences I shot during the swordfight:

Pirates at Lazy Daze

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