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WPS Convention Speaking Topic | Lighting 101

If you follow me at all on Facebook, Twitter or my blog, you’ll probably already know I will be speaking at the 2nd annual WPS convention on August 7th – 9th, 2011 in Chapel Hill, NC.  The Wedding Photographic Society is a great group of photographers who I’m privileged to be involved with, as well as help run the organization.  The goal of the WPS is to share, educate and network with other wedding & portrait photographers around the world.  It’s certainly been a labor of love for all of us but something that is very fulfilling as it helps many of us give back to a community from which we all learn, everyday, something new that helps our own business.

When we first looked at the topics for the convention, we took into account the feedback left from last years convention and the wide range of photographers skill levels who are attending.  Based on those two things, I decided to hold two lighting classes – a 101 and a 201 level course.  They both are designed for newer and intermediate photographers looking to either refresh their basics or learn more about advanced techniques.  I’ll be going more into what I’m going to cover for the 201 class in a few days, but this post will cover the 101 class.  Hope to see you there!

The Lighting 101 class will be going over basics of light.  The equipment, techniques, color, classifications as well as discuss flashes (both on and off camera), modifiers, reflectors, natural light, video light, triggers, manufacturer specific triggering systems (Nikon CLS & Canon wireless ettl) and third party systems (pocket wizards, etc).  This class is being held during the first session on Sunday only as the idea is to either refresh your skill set or help develop it so the rest of the convention can be used to build on this knowledge.  With an internationally known photographer, Neil Van Niekerk, speaking on Monday evening regarding flash (he has written a book on how to use speedlights), getting this basic knowledge is paramount to make the most of his presentation.

Drop me an email or comment if you had any questions or wanted something covered specifically in the 101 class.  Be sure to bring a notepad or laptop as we’ll be moving pretty quickly thru everything.

Here’s a few sample images that we will discuss the how’s, why’s and how-to’s in the lighting 101 class (every one was lit differently).  I truly look forward to seeing everyone there!

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  • Timothy Bearden - Nice shots. Interesting how you left the stand in the first shot. I always am leery of having a stand show, and try to disguise it. Good luck with the talk.ReplyCancel

    • Brian Mullins - Hey Timothy! Thanks for the compliment! I don’t often show stands either but I wanted to impart more of a “model” shoot and include the elements of the shoot in the photo. We had done alot of nice stuff before then so the change of pace was a nice contrast.ReplyCancel

  • Cheshire wedding photographer - Some gorgeous photos here, great lighting and composition. Beautiful sky in the third photograph.ReplyCancel

  • Portia - 5-16-2011 blog last photo – where is the location this picture was taken? Stunning!ReplyCancel

    • Brian Mullins - Hi Portia, thank you! It was taken at Duke Chapel in one of the arcades (hallways). You need permission to photograph there however, just an FYI.ReplyCancel

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