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On-Location Glamorous Boudoir Photography | San Antonio, TX

As the wedding season enters its traditional “lull” in January, many photographers venture out to the plethora of trade shows, conventions and gatherings held this time of year. I was one of those photographers and flew out to San Antonio, TX to attend two photography conventions.  As these are international events, there are wedding, architectural, landscape wedding and boudoir photographers from around the globe that attend these huge trade shows to see speakers and get their hands on the latest gadgets.  One of these photographers, and a good friend of mine, Lynn, had given me the great honor of asking me to shoot a boudoir session with her.  Unlike many Raleigh boudoir photographers, I tend to do all of my work on location which was very fitting as I was in Texas but obviously can be a challenge if you don’t want to shoot in a hotel room.

Now I should say, to me, there is no greater honor then having another photographer ask you to photograph them.  In this instance especially, as everything would have to be done outside of our normal “comfort” zones as far as location is concerned.  Lynn had a great idea to include something her husband loves almost as much as her, his car.  Obviously this takes using a hotel room completely out of the equation.  So after a little search, we found a parking garage that agreed to let us shoot on the top floor.  So we brought the car, lights and wardrobe up to the top floor for the shoot.

We decided to shoot around sunset to capture some colors in the sky and also some of the city lights as the light faded.  The end results were, well, outstanding.  The set part of the shoot involved a bridesmaid dress (bought on sale) and a pool.  Now I know pool photos have been done and done, but as this was a fun shoot, I wanted some different angles from inside the pool itself.  So there we were, Lynn, myself and 3 other photographers around laughing at me, shooting in the pool area of our hotel.  The results, however, were nothing short of stunning.  Using some different types and techniques of lighting, I am really happy with the end result.  I cannot say enough good things about my client, Lynn, who just went with the flow and really made the entire shoot a success!

Now, on to the photos!!!

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