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Edenton St. Methodist | Cardinal Club | Raleigh Wedding

I was referred Meredith & Geoff from another local photographer who could not take their wedding day (Thanks Heather S)!!! When we sat down and started talking, I immediately knew we were going to have a blast as they told me about their wedding day!  They picked out two of the loveliest Raleigh Wedding venues to have their wedding ceremony in – Edenton St. Methodist and the Cardinal Club – Both in downtown Raleigh, NC

We had talked quite a bit in the months leading up to their wedding day. We discussed all sorts of ideas for unique and fun photography between their wedding and reception. They had allotted about 90 minutes for photographs between the ceremony and reception time so we had so many options open to us that, really, the sky was the limit. After we left Edenton St. Methodist Church we moved to the NCSU belltower and Pullen Park in Raleigh, NC.

First we stopped at the NCSU belltower, an iconic Raleigh landmark ever since I have lived here (and that has been a while).  After working with the bride, groom and wedding party here, we moved on to Pullen Park.  I had one thing on my mind – carousel. There were so many options to photographing this and, honestly, I wanted something different. Most wedding photographers would kill for this setting so I ended up both riding on the carousel with the entire bridal party the first time, then on the ground as the bride & groom took a 2nd turn by themselves.  The photographs ended up being better then I could of imagined (*see below). We then took a walk around the park a bit to photograph some fun formals and more stuff of just the happily married couple enjoying a few minutes alone. Back into the limo we went and headed off to the Cardinal Club.

Let me preface this by saying I had been in a rut of rainy Saturdays lately. I love a rainy wedding day as it offers so many different opportunities then you would normally have for unique and dramatic photos. However, I had been aching for a beautiful blue sky and Geoff & Meredith arranged for the best one I had seen in a while (thanks guys). The cardinal club is on the 28th floor in downtown Raleigh and is an absolute wonderful venue to have a wedding or reception in. The view is breathtaking and the floor to ceiling windows really lets you take in the beautiful downtown cityscapes.

The reception got jumping thanks to Garrett with Lenny Fritts – touch of class DJ’s and the party got rolling. A side note here.. I had an assistant photographer for the wedding reception. I cannot remember his name but he was about 4′ tall and was running around with his digital camera taking some really decent photographs. I remember near the end of the reception he was without his camera and looking a bit downtrodden. I found out either his camera batteries died or he had no space left on his memory card. Well, far be it from me to deprive someone of something they are really good at, so I gave him my spare camera to photograph with. Let me say this.. I have NEVER, EVER seen a kid so happy before. Some of his photos are included in the disc to the bride & groom (yes, he is good) and I want to tell you KEEP AT IT!!!

Literally, before I knew it, the wedding reception was over and with it still being somewhat early (10pm), the bride & groom left the Cardinal Club decided to head out in downtown Raleigh – in their wedding dress and tux. They were gracious enough to invite me out, sans camera, to enjoy the rest of the evening with them. I cannot tell you how touched I am when I get invited out to help celebrate a beautiful wedding so, to Meredith & Geoff, THANK YOU for all of your hospitality, graciousness and just plain awesomeness! I had an absolute blast working with you both and I know you are just going to love your wedding photos!!!

DJ: Garrett – Lenny Fritts – Touch of Class DJ’s – Raleigh, NC
Wedding Cake: Sweet Memories – Apex, NC
Flowers: Dogwood Tree Floral Designs – Raleigh, NC
Caterer: The Cardinal Club – Raleigh, NC

Now on to a few of them:

Wedding dress on 3 way mirror

Bride getting dressed for Raleigh, NC Wedding

Photograph of bride reading wedding day card

Bride checking her dress before wedding

Raleigh NC portrait at Edenton St Methodist

Wedding photography at Edenton St Methodist

Raleigh, NC wedding portrait photography

flower girl on grooms lap before wedding

Raleigh wedding photographers bridal portrait

flower girl walking down Edenton methodist aisle

Raleigh bride walking down aisle with dad

photograph of groom seeing bride at wedding

Raleigh Wedding Photography at Edenton St Methodist

Photography of Raleigh, NC methodist wedding

wedding bubble sendoff in Raleigh, NC

Wedding photography at NCSU Belltower in Raleigh

wedding portrait at NCSU belltower

wedding party on pullen park carousel

bride and groom on carousel

Wedding photography on carousel

Raleigh NC wedding portrait

Wedding cake at Cardinal club

Bride laughing at wedding reception

bride & groom dancing at wedding reception

Raleigh Wedding Photographer - bride dances with dad

Raleigh Wedding Photographer - groom dances with mom

wedding ring photography

cardinal club in Raleigh NC

wedding reception toasts in Raleigh

Cardinal Club Wedding Reception

Raleigh wedding reception dancing - Cardinal Club

Wedding guests dancing

Bride and groom kissing

wedding reception dancing

Cardinal Club wedding reception dancing

wedding guest with wedding photographers camera

  • Rebecca - Brian,
    You’re doing my sister Elizabeth’s wedding in a few weeks and I am most excited about the photos that you will capture during their big day. I’m a shutterbug myself – a Nikon one, at that – and cannot wait to meet you and, well, drive you crazy with questions. 🙂 The shot of the flower girl going down the aisle from this wedding took my breath away – you do amazing work and I look forward to hanging out with you in January!
    Rebecca McNeelyReplyCancel

    • Brian Mullins - Thank you Rebecca! I’m looking forward to their wedding as well – I know its going to be a beautiful affair! I promise you will not bug me at all but I may put you to work if you hang around long enough. 😉 Looking forward to meeting you in person!ReplyCancel

  • Dana Goodson - This is a beautiful set! I love them all.ReplyCancel

  • Susan Croke - Brian, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did with Meredith & Geoff’s photos. Each one was a pleasure to view, & as I kept looking at them, they just brought back all the joyous memories of the day. You were wonderful to work with and I will never forget what you did for our little grandson, Ethan. He actually bloomed before our eyes as he walked around shooting pictures. We were so pleased that you actually included them with your own. We wish you all the success in your career and urge anyone reading this to definately choose you as their photographer. Thanks again. Sue (mother of the bride)ReplyCancel

  • R4i - Wow, you both are looking so great as you have the special day and the celebration is going on for you. Thanks a lot for sharing this good stuff to us and I am eagerly waiting for my sister’s wedding.ReplyCancel

  • KT - Great job on the photos! I particularly liked the one taken in the middle of Fayetteville St before the reception. Props to this guy for sticking around for the afterparty at the Big Easy later on that night.ReplyCancel

    • Brian Mullins - LOL KT… that was certainly alot of fun afterwards! 🙂 Thank you for welcoming me out to continue celebrating with you!ReplyCancel

  • Meredith - These were the pictures from my wedding, thanks for the comments! Brian was SO much fun to work with! We had a fantastic time at Pullen Park and are so happy with how everything turned out, only hard part is deciding which pictures to display, we love them all!ReplyCancel

  • Lara - Brian,
    The pictures are amazing…you are very talented. Thanks for capturing Meridith’s big day!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sean Mullins - Came across your site while checking web hits to my own (Mullins photographer!)
    Great photos, and this is a lovely set of shots, I especially like the one of the boy with the camera.
    Do you use strobes or flash units for the reception / dance shots?ReplyCancel

  • Kathy - Great pics!ReplyCancel

  • Jeremy Bell - Great pictures. I am really impressed with how all of the photographs turned out. Awesome wedding and awesome pics to remember it by. Brian, great job!!! We were all impressed with how you handled the whole day.ReplyCancel

  • Morgan - The pictures are beautiful. You were able to capture every moment. I particularly love the Pullen park carousel pictures. They are so different and unique and I agree came out amazing. You did a wonderful job.ReplyCancel

  • Athena - Congratulations!! Brian, you took such beautiful pictures and were able to capture the special moments throughout the day. I know that Mere and Geoff will cherish the photos for years and your photos will help them re-live their wedding day! I especially love that you let Mere’s nephew borrow your camera – very cool!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Butler - Meredith, you looked BEAUTIFUL – but what I love about your photos is that I can tell you felt beautiful too (something that has more to do with makeup and hair) and that is the best part of all!
    My favorite shot is the one that looks like you’re about to go down the aisle. You look so excited 🙂
    I hope your day was as wonderful as it looked – great job Brian!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren Robinson - I love your photos!! They are AWESOME!! It was so cute when the photographer let the little boy (your nephew?)borrow his expensive camera and take pictures. We had such a great time!!ReplyCancel

  • Michael Dydula - I love the picture of Sarah and I Dancing together. The 1st Dance in Black and White is my favorite though. I have worked a lot of weddings in my day and seen a lot of wedding photos. Brian your talent as a photographer is one of the best I have seen. I never say, wow that is a good picture, I say wow look at how much fun and what a special day that was. You captured the “moments” as they where happening and that made it remarkable!ReplyCancel

  • Michael Kent - Beautiful images. The ceremony pictures at church are amazing. We are lucky to have beautiful churches as well in philadelphia for wedding photography.ReplyCancel

  • sara langer - Mike-I agree-that photo of us is awesome. We were just being goofy and having fun. I love all the pics-but that picture of us will always remind me of how much fun I had!ReplyCancel

  • Rich Mason - Great photos! I wish we could have been there! You make a very cute couple! I love exclamations and double dark chocolate ice cream!ReplyCancel

  • pati darak barrow - The loveliest wedding shots I’ve seen yet! You 2 just radiated such happiness and it was caught so well.ReplyCancel

  • Janice Jones - These photos are GORGEOUS! And they remind me of
    what a great night it was- so much fun! And you two were GLOWING. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Geoff - The final printed pics in the wedding album are even more beautiful than what is online. Brian, you truly did an amazing job!ReplyCancel

  • Meredith - The wedding album is absolutely amazing, everyone I show it to loves all the photos, the layout and quality. I’m so excited to have such beautiful pictures to help remember all the details of our big day. We both highly recommend Brian to anyone considering him for their wedding photographer!ReplyCancel

  • Ray Mroch - Excellent pictures. The photography was almost as beautiful as the wedding itself. And the photographer was completely unobtrusive and got some interesting candid shots of the guests.

    Very well done.ReplyCancel

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