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School Projects – Cary, NC

This week I was called to photograph some activities arranged by parents when their kids are “tracked out” in the year round schedule.  Two projects were setup for the kids, a (and this is my term, not theirs) “bug-sucker” and a homemade ice cream maker.

The bug-sucker is a clear plastic container with two pieces of tubing going into it.  One side is covered with gauze (on the inside of the container) and the other is open.  It’s used to, well, suck a bug into the container to examine it without hurting it.  When you are done, simply open the container and release it.

The homemade ice cream maker are two metal cans with one big enough so the other can fit inside.  You fill the smaller one with cream, milk, vanilla, sugar and any other flavorings you want.  Seal that container with duct tape and lower it inside the bigger container.  Once it’s inside, you then fill the big container with ice and rock salt and tape that one shut.  Once complete, you can play soccer, hot potato or any other game that will churn the contents.

Overall, alot of fun was had by everyone (including me) and we got some great photographs.  Special thanks goes out to Impact Athletics in Cary for letting us use a space in their facility for the projects and photography.  Here are a few photos from the day:

testing out the bug sucker

everyone getting a hand in

homemade ice cream project

cute little girl eating ice cream

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