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Taste of the town!

It’s that time of year again.. the days are getting warmer, flowers & trees are beginning to bloom, and Cary Magazine has arranged for another over-the-top indulge your senses evening courtesy of the Maggy award winners.  This year, 4 teachers bid on & won the “Taste of the Town” prize at the Cary Academy auction.  If you aren’t familiar with the prize, let me take a moment to describe.   Every year, CM releases their “Maggy Award Winners” which are divided in categories to many to list individually here, but it includes best steak, best appetizers, best drinks, best nightlife, best spa, best dentist, etc…

At the Annual Cary Academy auction/benefit, Cary Magazine coordinates a prize including 4 of the award winners (restaurants) to donate items they are famous for (tapas, desserts, entree, etc) and wrap it all into one extravagant evening for 8.  The winners are shuttled around in a limousine courtesy of Capital Style to the 4 locations.  This year the lineup included:

The Red Room – Famous for their tapas and cocktails
Xios – Famous for their authentic greek menu
Bonefish – Famous for their appetizers & entrees
Twisted Fork – Famous for their desserts.

By the time the 6 hour indulgence was over, everyone in the limo, including yours truly (hey, there are some perks to this job), had a very prominent sated smile and very full belly!

Congratulations to the award winners this year.  As always, here are a few photos from the evening:





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