November 18th, 2012 Photography 101 Class

If you haven’t already heard, about once a month (or two months, schedule permitting), I conduct a “photography 101” class at my studio in downtown Apex, NC which focuses on getting more out of your dSLR camera.  There are only 6 seats available (with 2 instructors) to maximize each person’s one on one time with an instructor and to guarantee your understanding of each concept.

Each class takes it’s own shape but, at a minimum, we shoot 3 different times for about 30-45 minutes each, in 3 different scenarios, using natural light and flash.  As soon as the class starts we’ll get your camera in hand and switch it to manual mode.  By the time the class ends, you’ll be shooting comfortably in full manual mode and making your adjustments quickly, accurately and understand why your exposure is right or not.

We’ll also be using flash, if you have one, to work on using on-camera flash, how to make it look like it’s off-camera, bounce flash, and even how to make your direct flash look “better”.  In other words, the class will give you all of the tools you need to be a better photographer, regardless of the lighting situation.

These are just a few of the things we discuss.  Lens selection, composition, different shooting scenarios, etc. To sign up, simply click on the below link to read more about the class and sign up!  I look forward to seeing you here!  All but one class has completely sold out so if you’d like to come out, make sure and sign up early!

As you probably have surmised by now, this is no “basic” photography class.  My students in the past have ranged from those who just got their dSLR camera to professional photographers looking to learn more about their craft.  No matter what skill level you are currently, I can guarantee you will learn from this class and become a better photographer.

Apex Photography 101 Class

I’ve included a few shots from previous classes below.

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