Wedding Photographers in Raleigh, NC – How to Choose The Right One

Looking for wedding photographers in Raleigh, NC, you are probably finding two things to hold very true:

There are quite a large number of wedding photographers in Raleigh, NC

It is very hard to determine whose work truly fits your style and vision

With these things in mind, there are a few ways you narrow your search and find wedding photographers that fit your style and personality.  First and foremost, the personality of wedding photographers is what truly defines their style of photography and how they work with their clients.

The personality of your wedding photographer should be a good fit with your vision of the wedding day.  If you are wanting a non-instrusive photographer on your wedding day then a more photo-journalistic photographer will be the best choice.  Photojournalist photographers tend to let the action happen in front of them without controlling or directing it.  A more traditional portrait photographer will tend to stop the action, pose it and get a more static photo.

Obviously these styles are in contrast to each other and there are many, many levels of fusion between the two.  This makes it more difficult to determine the style from a description alone so when you look at their work, determine what percentage of it is posed.  Many photographers strike a balance between the two – posing the couple for their portraits and the family formals, but letting the rest of the day proceed unimpeded.   Most importantly, whichever style speaks to you, being comfortable with your photographer is the most important aspect of your day.

After the photos are taken, only a small amount of work is done.  The 2nd item you want to look at is the finishing work the photographer does.  As most wedding photographers are using digital cameras, the “digital darkroom” affords many possibilities for artistic enhancements.  Of course, artistic enhancements are also another major aspect of style so when looking at wedding photographers, choosing one with a consistent artistic style that you appreciate is of paramount importance.  When looking at their style, keep in mind these photos are not only just of your wedding, but a historical recording of the creation of your family.  Your wedding photographs are, hopefully, something that will be looked back on in 100 years as part of your family archive.

Between style, personality and finishing – understanding how all 3 work together to create an “experience” with your wedding photographer will certainly help you get the wedding photographer you want and deserve.

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