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I am convinced the photography business, especially the wedding photography business, is cyclical and good news always waits for a particular day (when everything else is going right) to reveal itself.   Yesterday was one of those days.  I recently received an email from Hannah at about using some of my images on their blog site.  In short, they wanted to feature one of my weddings with some detail shots and a writeup.  Well of course, I was thrilled and I provided them with some wedding photos even I haven’t blogged yet.

I will be blogging this wedding soon but if you wanted to check it out before I get a chance to write mine up, you can see if on their wedding photography website.  I did the actual writeup and provided the photos of the details (well, of the whole post of course) for their viewers.  I just took a quick peek at their monthly traffic and it’s pretty ridiculous.  Here’s to getting some great exposure!!!

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